Cerana Farms Entrepreneurship Program

“Learn and Earn”


This entrepreneurship program aims to help farmers augment their income with agricultural based products. 


The program is crop specific which promotes integration of their farm produce by value adding which helps generate income.


All materials and ingredients will be provided during the training.  Food and accommodation will be provided for sessions that will last more than one day.


The course will be taught using a “hands on” approach with advice and guidance throughout using a variety of teaching methods including demonstration, instructions, video presentations, and one-on-one “hands on” guidance.


1.  Kamote Based Bread and Pastry Products

Description:  Kamote is a smart friendly agricultural product that offers a versatile healthy option for making bread and pastry.  This root crop based products is loaded with Vitamins A and C, antioxidants and fibre.  It’s a good substitute for wheat flour in most bakery products which promote utilization and cultivation of kamote in the countryside. 

Here is an easy way to learn and create pastry products.

·         Basic Bread and Pastry (No oven required)  - Doughnut, Bitso-Bitso, Karioka, Hopia, Piayaya

·         Advanced Bread and Pastry (Oven required) – Pandesal, Biscocho, Otap, Mamon, Tostado, Cheese Bread, Tarts and cookies


2.  Camote based Noodles and Nachos

Learn the fundamentals of noodle making by understanding the ingredients, processes, and techniques of making noodles incorporated with kamote. You will learn how to make various types of authentic noodles from scratch by practical training on hand made or village scale noodle machines.

The aim of this course is to develop and provide learners with fundamental and practical knowledge to a range of different types of Asian noodles, as well as the skills necessary for them to market their product.

·         Noodles

o   Fresh Miki

o   Lomi

o   Canton

·         Nachos

o   Herbs

o   Spices

o   Root crops


3.  Leather crafts Workshop

Livestock is incorporated in Integrated Organic Farming.  Animal skin will be given an added value thru tanning process.  This course is offered at the APDC (Animal Products Development Center) of the Bureau of Animal Industry.  The role of leather industry in relation to farming will be emphasized.

We offer a basic skills course in leather craft, easy to understand, and guided hands-on training to create functional objects like key chain and wallets.   Students will be taught how to design & make a wide range of leather goods using only hand techniques. Students will be encouraged to develop their own individual styles and are helped to experiment and explore the creative potential of leather.

A set of tools is provided for each student to use and a range of leathers, hand tools, metal fittings and other materials are available for students to buy if they wish.

The course is designed to equip students with the basic skills necessary for you to continue developing the craft of leather work.


4. Coconut Oil Based Soap Making

Coconuts are abundant in the Philippines.  This course will teach students that handmade coconut based soap is made up of natural ingredients derived from  juice or extract of herbs, fruit vegetables, and flowers which are agricultural based products that can be propagated commercially which will give an added income to farmers.

Production of crops that could be a source of essential oils will be explained and encouraged.


This will be a practical hands on seminar which will include costing sourcing of materials and marketing strategies